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At our core is a dedication to not only provide the services our clients need, but to execute those services better than anyone.

At NEXUS we begin with the end in mind. We work to understand your strategic imperatives and partner with you as we design signature meetings and events that fulfill those goals and objectives.

Strategic Planning
Destination Sourcing

One of the first steps toward a successful event is the selection of the most appropriate venue. We will work closely with you to define the requirements of your event, submit RFPs, inspect potential venues and negotiate the contractual terms and conditions.

NEXUS provides you with technology solutions for online registration to streamline the event management process and improve attendee experiences - from customized event announcements and registration forms to fully branded event websites.

Online Registration
Program Logistics

Meticulous planning of your event is critical. So is being able to execute those details. At NEXUS, our team of seasoned meeting and event planning professionals will use their experience not only to coordinate the myriad of details, but to guide you with both fresh and proven ideas. 

Meeting and event management is a multidisciplinary profession that requires the support of many different suppliers in many different fields. We pride ourselves in partnering with those who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in all that they do.

Strategic Partnerships

Our goal is to provide flawless execution and a seamless event for you, your VIPs and attendees. We provide professional on-site travel and event staff to accompany your group every step of the way.

On-Site Execution

They came, they met, they left. Now what? Accurate statistics, financial and non-financial, are crucial to future planning.

Financials & Reporting

Producing green meetings and events that meet objectives while leaving a minimal environmental impact is a goal we all share. Incorporating environmental considerations into the stages of the planning and execution process yields numerous benefits - to the environment and the bottom line. Let's go green together! 

Green Meetings

Taking the time and trouble to prepare for an unlikely emergency may seem unnecessary, but saving even one life or avoiding one crisis will make the extra efforts worthwhile. We help you prepare to manage the possibilities, minimize the probability that something adverse may happen and mitigate the consequences if it does.

Risk Management
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