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Invitations & Reminders

Need to create some buzz and manage your RSVPs, but a website is just too much? Sometimes, a simple, eye-catching e-invitation with a series of reminders is all that is required.

Event Websites

NEXUS designers create eye-catching registration sites from simple and straight forward to elaborate and dynamic with numerous participant types. They take a collaborative approach to make sure the look, feel, and branding supports your program’s needs.


Custom reports to maximize efficiency and productivity by drilling down on every detail captured by the registration form including hotel reservations, activity sign ups, special needs assessments, menu and dietary requests, and more. You and your team will have access to real-time reports 24/7 – keeping all stakeholders informed up-to-the-minute. 

Mobile Apps

If our in-house solution does not fit your needs, we will find the best fit with a third-party conference app development company. We manage the relationship to provide a seamless transition of information for each section of the app, creating no extra work for your team to design and deliver a product selected based on your criteria.

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